What's the Mission of Your Organization?

You're probably a successful leader, or you wouldn't be reading this. But how confident are you of your leadership abilities?

As a supremely confident leader, you can...

Success as a leader does not ensure confidence.

Many successful leaders aren't able to fully enjoy their success. They are not certain that their next decision will be appropriate for the situation. When they give it everything they've got, people around them feel stifled or underutilized. Control is always an issue, and they can only hope the risks they take pay off.

In fact, many leaders remain successful only through great effort, struggle, and sacrifice. They seem to constantly be run around the block by circumstances they have no power over. The personal costs are enormous. The cost to the company is usually not even identified...much less measured.

Are you interested in increasing your confidence?

Each article in this series will discuss the secrets confident leaders know, but many successful managers are totally unaware of. You will discover new and refreshing ways to view your organization...a completely new context for leading in the future.

Apply these insights, and you will notice an increase in your trust and faith in yourself. You will be more poised and self-assured...confident in your own strengths and abilities. The impact on your productivity, your team's development, your customer's perception of your service, and your personal satisfaction can be astounding.

In short, practice and apply what you discover here, and you will be recognized as one of those rare, confident leaders...who know exactly what to do...regardless of the circumstances you encounter.

So where do we start?

With a deceptively simple question...What is the mission of your company? Quick, what's your answer?

Did you answer, "To make money"? Many people do. Well here's the first secret of confident of leaders: "To make money" is not the mission of any organization, with the possible exception of the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing...and even that's doubtful! Money is an outcome of being a mission...it is not the mission, or the reason the company exists.

So if making money is not the mission, what is?

The secret is in the nature of a mission. Mission is the specific purpose of the organization. The reason the organization exists. Its reason to be.

Mission is not something the organization is going toward (that would be a goal or objective), but rather, what the organization is. The very being of the company. Mission is the core of the organization. If this distinction is not absolutely clear, nothing really holds the organization together.

Here are some examples of powerful, concise, core missions:

What's the secret here?

Confident leaders have clear, very short, and easily remembered missions. They concretely express the core, underlying reason the organization exists...no "fluff" or platitudes. Unless this common mission is clear, people will naturally be going in different (albeit sometimes very subtly different) directions ...and no leader can be very confident when that happens!

Begin to apply this secret and increase your confidence today. Identify your company's mission. What's the real reason your company exists? What's the core glue that really aligns everyone?

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