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"What's the Mission of Your Organization?"

Mission is not something an organization is going "towards" (that would be a goal or objective) but rather, what the organization is.


"Why We're Chicken When It Comes to Power!"

Confident leaders get very clear about their company's mission, then talk about power...and address power questions...all the time.


"So You Want to Be Empowering..."

Most leaders who think they're empowering, aren't! Empowerment comes when you're willing to vulnerably let the mission lead.


"When the Going Gets Tough...Why Not Do the Unthinkable?...Quit!"

Winners never quit...and quitters never win. Everyone knows that...right? Maybe not


"You Can't Convince Anyone of Anything...Until You Make Them Right!"

If you find it difficult to get others to see things your way, this is for you. You'll soon be getting agreement and alignment effortlessly!


"Are You Sure You Want To Be A Participative Manager?"

Many leaders start down this path but...are they just asking for trouble?


"Why Does Your New Company Exist?"

Congratulations! You're an entrepreneur! I know you're excited, and eager to get on with it, but so is every other entrepreneur...particularly your competitors. Take a minute to read this.


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