Integrate the Secrets of Confident Leadership:

Coaching Programs to Transform Your Leadership

Here are a couple of intriguing secrets confident leaders know:

  • You can't "get there" by yourself!
  • You can't "think" your way to confidence!

Of course you want to read everything you can get your hands on...and attend all the presentations. But you'll still need compassionate, committed coaching to fully integrate the new context.

If you're really committed to transforming yourself and your organization, Barnett & Kutz, Inc. will hold your feet to the fire...compassionately. Dick Barnett and Bill Kutz have been where you're going. You can read about their background at this web site, but for now, check out these exciting coaching programs:

Double Your Confidence as a Leader!

A three-hour, private, one-on-one introductory session guaranteed to alter the way you experience yourself and your organization.


Tools for Reinventing Your Work

An eight-hour coaching program that introduces 21st century leadership skills.


Reinventing Yourself at Work

A group coaching program that supports your continuing development over a 12-week period through weekly 2-hour sessions.


The Tools of Empowerment

A program of eight half-day sessions that moves intact corporate teams to new levels of success and productivity together.


Individual Coaching

Advanced coaching, specifically tailored for leaders in the process of transforming themselves over an extended period. A one year minimum commitment is necessary.

Coaching is done in private, group or team settings. Once rapport and relationship is established, effective coaching can be successful by telephone.

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