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  • Lead with more power, ease and certainty...and leave your competition in the dust.
  • Unleash your people's full potential...without fearing those people will create chaos.
  • Never shy away from tough ethical choices again...the kind that could blind-side you.
  • Stop being run around the block...when you're supposed to be in charge.
  • Build a team aligned and committed to each other's less than one day.


Dick Barnett and Bill Kutz founded Barnett & Kutz, Inc. in 1989. Even before that, they had worked together for almost five years as a partnership known as Missions That Work. You can get specific information about both Dick and Bill by clicking on their names above.

Located in Beaverton, Oregon, just west of Portland, Barnett & Kutz, Inc. is a coaching, consulting, speaking and facilitating company that serves clients of all sizes. We have literally worked with everything from start-up entrepreneurs, beginning their business with their credit card, to senior Fortune 500 leaders about to retire from their company.

Industries, products, and services are equally as varied. They include restaurants, engineers, bakeries, trucking, lawyers, mental health, museums, government agencies, public relations, delivery services, banks, realtors, insurance, construction, historical societies, video and theaters, health maintenance organizations, veterinarians, retail, high-tech, low-tech, colleges, property managers, other consultants and non-profit foundations.

Specific companies include Nike, Nordstrom, Epson, Kaiser Permanente, Subway Sandwiches, American Medical Response, Tektronix, Intel, SEH America, Vtech, Blount, BurgerVille USA, Oregon Screen Impressions, Generic Parts Services, Barbur Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, Hastings Humble Giardini, Majestic Eagle Agency, Hagerstown Junior College, Austin Industries, Special Olympics, Portland Art Museum, Moyer Theaters, Lutz Snyder Realtors, Beaverton School District, Carl Rogers Institute and many, many more...

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Our Mission: Empowered, Aligned, Productive Clients

Our work serves enterprises committed to fulfilling a destiny which aligns people with new possibilities, purpose, meaning and accomplishment.

We Declare:
Productive possibilities exist in any situation.
Solutions and agreements must work for everyone.
Contributions and accomplishments must be acknowledged.
You can end unproductive confusion in organizations.
Love of the human spirit is essential for success.

How to contact us:
    Barnett & Kutz, Inc.
    Cornell Oaks Corporate Center
    15455 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Suite 210
    Beaverton, OR 97006-5700

    (503) 629-5210 phone
    (503) 645-7099 fax


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