Re-Ignite Your Business!

   by Dick Barnett

Now you can...

  • Lead with confidence, ease and certainty,
  • Overcome obstacles effortlessly, and
  • Achieve remarkable results

.. .regardless of the circumstances or competition you encounter."

What does it take? This book reveals the secret.

First, you'll rediscover your mission. 95 out of 100 companies have no idea what theirs really is! Yours is probably not what you think it is! Then, when you ensure everyone aligns with that mission, you'll enjoy an explosion of inifiative, innovation and accomplishment. Next, you'll uncover the real barriers you've been struggling against, and watch them fall away effortlessly. Finally, applying the technology you learn here will make and keep your company the definition of "cutting edge" in your industry.

"This book makes accessible some truly profound concepts and strategies. It is a planning retreat, counseling session and executive consultation all compressed into an easy two-hour read."
  -- Jim Cathcart, Author, Relationship Selling.

You can throw it in your briefcase, read it on a flight from LA to Chicago, discover what's missing in your company, and be different when you call the office after you land.

From Re-Ignite Your Business:

"All leaders genuinely want to lead well. More often than not, they muddle through at best. This is not a book about fixing bad leaders. It's about helping leaders discover what's missing in their organizations, then create what's needed so they can achieve or exceed the success they're striving for...

"In fact, regardless of the amount of success you enjoy, every leader and every company can elevate their performance to a new level. Anyone can lead more powerfully and confidently, with much greater ease and certainty.

"That's what this book is about.. .a fresh approach, a new way to understand how and why your organization works - or doesn't - and how to lead it effectively."

Re-Ignite Your Business! got Nightingale Conant Vice President, Nick Carter's excited attention: "Hey! You talk about going right to the core of why businesses go belly up? Well... get this it .. .and you'll never find you or your company out of the ball game! Never!"

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