Reveal the Secrets of Confident Leadership:

A unique series of speeches that will transform your life and your work!

Now you and your group can discover and apply "The Secrets of Confident Leaders!" at your next conference, meeting or special event.

It's possible! every one of your attendees can leave the session more confident than when they arrived. Here's just a sample of the discoveries you'll make in this unique series of speeches or presentations that can be modified to meet your needs and time frames:

  • The single, key ingredient probably missing in your company that's limiting your productivity and success!
  • How you may actually discourage empowerment...even though you insist that's what you really want!
  • How to bullet-proof yourself against discrimination or harassment complaints!
  • You can be fearless in the face of chaos and confusion...even welcome it for the opportunities it provides!
  • Why selfish, personal desires are probably the most important ingredient to a team's success!

If you and your group are ready for a powerful, attention-getting, paradigm-jolting, yet practical presentation...Dick Barnett will deliver. The real benefit comes when you apply the specific contexts, concepts and technologies he'll reveal. It's possible. Your team can be twice as confident in their own leadership ability...regardless of the chaos or circumstances they encounter at work!

Select the exciting program that will best serve your group right now.

Re-Ignite Your Business!

Your attendees will discover the secret of leading with confidence, ease and certainty.

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The Secrets of Confident Leaders!

A Program That Transforms Your Leadership

You can double your confidence as a leader! If your people apply what they discover during this program to your organization, it could instantly change your life! 95% of all leaders make a subtle assumption that actually subverts their organization and derails most of their energy and effectiveness. You're about to become one of the 5% who don't!

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So You Want to Be Empowering...

A Program That Transforms Your Understanding

Since everyone says they want empowerment, why is it such a rare and elusive commodity? Is success actually preventing you and your people from being empowered? In many cases, our efforts to empower our people lead to results we don't expect or want. Learn the secret to being truly empowering with creating chaos!

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Bringing Order..And the Chaos!

A Program That Transforms Your Circumstances

The more things get out of hand, the harder we work to get in control. But it seems that none of that extra effort produces the results we desire. We know getting autocratic is undesirable...but it sure can be tempting! Before you become the (exhausted) ogre of your organization, learn how to take advantage of these "rest stops" and "hand holds" for leaders in the '90s.

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The Overlooked Essence of Team Building

A Program That Transforms Your Relationships

Get ready for a shock! Most of the energy spent on team building is wasted! It's actually much easier to create an aligned, productive team, focused on accomplishing results, than many think. You can enjoy the advantages of a rock-solid, supercharged team...if you let team members identify and express just four simple things.

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"A Guide to Tough Ethical Choices"

A Program That Transforms Your Decisions

From Watergate to Whitewater, Bhopal to Bosnia, Clarence Thomas to Bob Packwood, Tylenol to E-Coli, consequences of our actions...or inactions...can be devastating. Let's face it...even when you've done your best, you may still be accused of injustice, harassment or worse. Where do such charges come from? Why are ethics such a dilemma? You'll gain an entirely new perspective that will help you deal with the difficult issues facing every organization.

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