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There are clearly more comments and testamonials here than any person would ever want to read! Our intention is to give you information from many different perspectives, situations, and types of customers. Someone here is probably speaking from an organization or set of experiences very simular to yours.

Jack McMillan, President, Nordstrom:

"You nailed me! Were you hiding in my office this morning? This far exceeded my expectations!"

Steve Klein, Executive Vice President, Epson Portland Inc.:

"With all sincerity I wish to thank you for leading Epson Portland's management team to a higher level of capability. I am convinced that we benefited significantly from the techniques you used to elevate our thinking and take concrete action, totally in union and fully aligned.

"Epson has a strong management team. We were very good managers before we contracted to learn from you. It became a realization that as we grew our company from 50 people to more than 100, we began to concentrate too much on individual spans of control and less on the whole organization itself. The soul searching that you facilitated assisted us in thinking more in unison, but still keeping perspective of our individual missions. Our alignment is better than it ever has been and each of us can see specific ways to improve upon it. So, day by day we will grow even stronger.

"Thank you again for the service you have given us. It was some of the best money we have ever spent...."

Sharon Foidel, Program Chair, Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon:

"You really got our attention as Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon when you showed us how to "Get The Attention You Want For Your Business" at our evening meeting.

"Encouraging others to actually enroll in the visions we each have for our businesses is clearly a fresh approach. That alone might not have been enough for us to actually apply the idea, but your clear illustrations and handouts/graphics gave us the direction we need to put the concepts into action for ourselves.

"Another important insight occurred when you demonstrated how our vulnerability is the source of trust and alignment we're creating with our customers. Good stuff...that strengthens each of us in the marketplace!

"Finally, to have put all this together for us literally on the spur of the moment when our scheduled speaker became ill was greatly appreciated. We look forward to another presentation from you in the near future."

Sandra Faverio, Director, Educational Programs, The American College of Physician Executives:

"The National Institute on Health Care Leadership and Management...was a grand success. Our feedback has been outstanding, indicating again that the content of this important educational program was on target, meeting the needs of our physician executive constituency. Those results are due almost entirely to you... We want to thank you for your role in our meeting the goals for the National Institute."

Middle and Senior Managers, Vtech Corporation, after a one day seminar:

"I would tell others that after all the "goal setting" seminars, try this one. It works a new way!"

"I got a description of the indescribable! Not bad...a seemingly impossible feat made possible."

"Companies that really want to succeed should definitely discover this type of education."

"This opened my eyes to look at what we do, how we do it, and who we are."

Pat and Chuck Brim-Williams, Brim & Associates:

"We're two years ahead of our competitors. We've created business and structures no one else has thought of. We would like you to know we think this was the best investment we've made in our business."

Judy North, Medical Group Administrator, Kaiser Permanente:

"What we've gotten has increased my capacity 10 fold and reduced my stress at least that much."

Tom Mears, President, The Holland Inc.:

"What a summer this has been! of the most exciting I have gone through.

"...our original intent was to utilize your expertise to help us revisit an old issue called 'climate,' to gain the commitment of our people to the company. It quickly became evident that we had an opportunity to accomplish much more. I have a hunch that what we wanted and what you offered us came together in a way which was more powerful than either of us expected.

" At our two day retreat for the top management, our goal was to develop a mission statement that would focus and energize the entire company. We accomplished that. But we did even more. We developed a commitment to a plan of growth and expansion that we all share. The follow-up sessions really fine-tuned and polished our mission and our plan for growth. Then the groundwork was set for the two dynamite 'climate' sessions with the entire management team which followed.

"You wrote early in June that you would created an opening for our company to significantly alter our level of performance. I now believe we achieved more than either of us thought possible. We learned so many valuable lessons. We learned that each of us thinks in their own unique way and that consequently we interpret incoming data differently. What an eye opener! We learned that everyone is right. That the key to conflict resolution is to focus on the mission. The importance of celebrating our accomplishments and how hard that is for some of us. I could go on and on, but I won't. You have moved us out of our comfort zone and made us learn to live with the tension that is necessary if we are to be the dynamic company we desire.

"With my toes to the fire, thanks."

Kelly Osmont, MSW, LCSW:

"When I began working with you last January I had lots of 'irons in the fire' and I was hurrying around trying to juggle all the activities in my business. My business was definitely running me at that time.

'As a psychotherapist specializing in loss and grief I was attempting to serve people through counseling, speaking, training, writing and publishing. As you worked with me I became clear about my mission. Along with my mission you then assisted me in seeing the ways I worked best with people. From that point on, with your help during our sessions and phone consultations, I was able to align my business with my mission. Everything then began to fall into place.

"Your coaching on how to enroll people into my counseling and training business to be in service to them helped me triple my client load and training commitments in five months. At the same time I have doubled, and some months, tripled, my previous income.

"What excites me most about my work with you is that as my business has made a profit, I have also increased my ability to make a difference in the lives of many people. Thank you for all you did in teaching me how to be in service to others within a business framework."

Kerry Walls, President, BeMeCo:

"Miracles have happened in my life since working with Barnett ... My products have been featured in two national teaching magazines and 3 national catalogs. The income of my company has tripled and continues to steadily increase. Breakdowns are shorter. I believe in the national company I'm creating.

"I'm creating new products faster and generating sales more effectively... I have clarity about my life's purpose and increased awareness of my spirituality. I have increased energy and an increased sense of power in all my interactions. I am more responsible and more structured (and the miracle is that I even enjoy that!) "

William D. Kennedy, President, Humane Society of Central Oregon:

"Over the past two years you have helped our organization to become aware of our potential by guiding our mission development and aiding in communication. We have been able to grow from a non-profit organization taking responsibility for a communities pet problems to an organization creating a community responsible for animals.

"The most important aspect of our relationship with you has been through the tools and technologies you have shared with us to accomplish our goals. When we have been stuck between power, structure and resources, your coaching has taken us, beyond anyone's expectations, to resolution. A benefit of our most recent breakthrough has been to further align our Board of Directors to a new level of mission commitment. The enthusiasm for our organization that infected the board members at our September retreat has proved to be contagious. Now we have full board participation and interest in our direction.

"For me personally, I have been able to cultivate my communication and relationship skills within our organization and with all my other associations. My wife has been concerned with the time commitment I have made to the Humane Society. Now she is also benefiting from my new way of looking beyond expectations...."

Miriam Daum Selby, Executive Vice President, Micro One:

"... We uncovered issues that had been buried and were tripping up our success. We got down to the true commitment of each owner, independent from the other. we could very clearly see what the history of the company had been and the patterns we had created. We also got in touch with the tremendous accomplishments we had achieved in our short history. We were able to place our company in a much larger context than we had before. And we could honestly see the defects in our company structure that contributed to less profitability than we would like. In other words, we could clearly see where we've been, what we've done and how we got to where we are today.

"Since that day, we have had major improvements in communication, greater clarity on our future direction and a beginning understanding of how we need to change our roles to effectively manage our company."

Anita J. Reynolds, Vice President ARMA International:

"Your presentation, Bullet Proof Ethics, was informative, thought provoking, and left us with tools to deal with the daily dilemmas we are encountering on a daily basis, especially in our business. (As one member critiqued, the) speaker was great - a good approach that prompted good questions and discussion from the audience - this is a greater topic than just as it applies to our business."

Jean Hansen, Sports Outreach Director, Oregon Special Olympics:

"During our 'Spirited Teams' Regional Conference program with you, a rapport was built and staff began trusting each other and sharing at a new level. People pushed themselves past their individual comfort zones and spoke honestly of their feelings, fears and frustrations at work.

"This alone was a big step for our staff. Never before had we shared at this level. Sharing at this level made all of us see the value of honest communication. The issues we brought up were important; however, the bigger piece was that people were candidly expressing themselves. Once issues were 'out', they lost their potency and people seemed relieved.

"(In the past) very rarely did we ever set time aside to discuss and investigate solutions. Now it is something we try and do regularly. The training impacted everyone...awareness levels are higher. And although sharing can be 'risky', we all know the benefits of communicating truthfully.

"Thanks for leading us through this process. It was so valuable."

Community Association Institute Board Members:

"Excellent program. Dick has so much knowledge. Anything he can impart is like gold. It gets the creative process going."

"Great! The best CAI program I've been to so far!"

"Very pragmatic, graphic and understandable. He has a feel for what is 'right'"

"Lots of good practical info."

Alisa L. Eicher, Homeowner Association President:

"A million 'thank yous' for braving our annual meeting to speak on the role of the board. You should be awarded the medal of honor for coming right into the front lines of the battle, as it was!

"Our project is progressing very well. The paint job is near completion, the awnings are going up, the 5 roofs scheduled for replacement are done as are 10 of the 44 dry-rotted balcony decks. We made our commitment for the assessment and met our annual goals! "Your guidance and expertise have been integral to our success."

Gay Leah Swenson, Ph.D., Director, Carl Rogers Institute for Peace:

"It used to be said about Carl (Rogers) that even 15 minutes with him was fruitful because of his deep caring and presence as a person. After working closely with him for 15 years, I know that to be so.

"Similarly, I am deeply grateful to you for the valuable hour that we spent together recently here in La Jolla. I experienced the same sense of being with a person who was truly engaged creatively with my issues and challenges. Rarely do I receive outside of a therapeutic or training session such rapid recognition and understanding of my values, hopes, beliefs and personal mission as I did with you in that one brief hour. Your ready translation of my issues into a focused set of statements clarified for me the possibilities and opportunities that could turn into productive actions and outcomes for me.

"At a time when moving forward with our domestic peace work will depend greatly on funding and participation by key local leaders, the hour consultation with you gave me a renewed sense of energy and commitment to seek such participation and support both for the work here at the Institute, and for my own 18 years of experience and expertise as a consultant, trainer, speaker, etc.

"Lastly, Dick, I left feeling refreshed from being with a person who not only has obvious professional skills, but who, as importantly, evidences a sense of integrity and genuineness of person. This, for me, is the ultimate criteria for trust and respect, and I thank you for that experience."

J. William Pfeiffer, Ph.D, J.D., President, University Associates:

"Thank you for being a key component in the success of 'Power and Organizational Politics,' our second annual international conference. Participants gave great reviews. You folks did a great job. Please take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done."

Delores Hertado, Director Portland Energy Conservation Inc.:

"..Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI) has worked successfully with Barnett... to define our mission, identify our corporate imperatives, and set out a vision of the organization we would like to become in the next two years. This included identification of individual commitments for actions toward accomplishing this vision. The process has empowered and motivated staff. It has lead to realignment of staff positions and clarification of roles.

Robert E. Monaghan, Executive Director, Clackamas County Historical Society:

"Your assistance in steering the Board and staff of the Historical Society through the long range planning process has proven to be a great benefit to our organization.

"Your high professional standards and impeccable credentials assured a great amount of respect by the board...

"Since the retreat, we have enjoyed many successes. Our mission statement alone has created interest throughout the community. People now realize that we are the Personal Connection with History that they were searching for. We have secured a $250,000 challenge grant, as well as numerous other grants in amounts ranging from $2500 to $5000.

"Frankly, the biggest success in my estimation is that we now work as a coordinated team. I no longer work for 30 individuals, but rather a Board of Directors. We are now all sharing the same goals and ideals and it has made all our efforts apply to the common well being of the organization."

Robert H. Pola, Manager, Human Resource Development, Kaiser Permanente:

"This is a 'thank you' letter and an acknowledgment of the contributions you have made to our Middle Management Development Program (MMDP) at Kaiser Permanente.

"MMDP is unique. It is one of our most effective and highly-valued programs. It has made a major difference in the lives and careers of participants -- as well as helping to shape the 'connectedness' and 'collegial partnership' aspects of our culture.

"You, Dick, have been a major contributor to the development and continual refinement of MMDP for almost a decade. Your role in helping to define that process and coach new facilitators has been a major factor in the success -- and expansion -- of MMDP.

"You have had a profound and lasting affect on both the program and the individual participants, especially those who were fortunate enough to have you as their small group facilitator. It is a pleasure to work with people who have your sense of purpose and commitment."

Ethan Golf, Regional Developer and Franchisee, Subway Sandwich Shops:

"Stop! Wait a minute! This is profound! No wonder we're not getting anywhere! Every time we try to 'fix' something, we actually make it worse!"


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